Beraterin / Coach Psychologin (B.Sc.)

Counselor/Coach/Psychologist (B.Sc.)


Personal details

  • Permanent position
  • 32 years old, in a relationship, one child (age 9)


Counseling/Coaching in English and German language

  • Coaching and training of self-confidence, self-awareness and assertiveness
  • Sex therapy and sex counseling (individuals and couples)
  • Emotional control, emotion regulation (e.g. avoiding emotions, aggressiveness, shyness)
  • Social interaction skill training
  • Stress management (work and private nature)
  • Single Coaching (e.g. dating, online dating, desire for relationship)
  • Priorities and work-family-life compatibility
  • Conflict and crisis management (e.g. divorce, separation, heartbreak)

Typical topics for sex counselling

  • Sexual reluctance/low libido/lack of interest
  • Fears and expectations
  • Low confidence
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Orgasm disorders
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Hypersexuality (porn addiction)
  • Difficulties with special sexual preferences
  • Discrepancies of any kind between partners